Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Not to much happening this side of the planet apart from lots of work.
HIWTHB will be released in early April in the States, so I've been trying to start a buzz about it across the ocean. Get excited America, the boys will come and get you :)
Zipcar is going nuts over the next two weeks, we're spread all over London and might make an appearance at Whole Foods over the weekend. As this is still my happy place - yippie yeah.
Life has been great, got to see my bestie and the other girls (Judith, Isa, Lydia and Dagmar - who came over for 2 days from Amsterdam!!) over the weekend. Heard lots of stories from Worship Central, it must have been amazing, and after church Sunday night we all went out. what followed was girl madness - wont get more fun than that!!
Now lots of things ahead for me. It will all start with packing my bags yet again and moving house, more work, Easter - we'll have our first Film & Arts Festival this year, and what I can't hardly wait for...
Colour 2010 
It'll be here in almost 6 weeks. Joy and excitement abound and God's girls will take over the Royal Albert Hall. Orphans to rescue, sisters to come alongside, nations to believe in! It will be phenomenal and if you're missing out, your loss!
Can't wait what God's got in store this year. For highlights from Sydney click here.

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