Monday, April 5, 2010

family near and far

There is something about family that is universal. You can't pick them and you love them no matter what :) (Yesterday my entire family gave me a rendition of Silent Night... why? I have no idea!!! That's just how insane they are and I couldn't live without it hehe) Best part is, when those crazy people you call family are not in close proximity, God extends it and brings in more people that all of a sudden you have a whole other family in your area.
Over the years I've become part of so many "families" and feel blessed to have them all in my life. They're those kind of friends where you lose your guest status in their house. You're not asked anymore if you want anything as they know that you will help yourself :)

I guess it all started with the lovely Schmids who have been there as long as I can remember and I have to admit that I miss them a great deal!

Next up the Pfau family in Salzburg entered the Astrid world...
they have been the family away from home for years and years now. I treasure the time I get to spend with them and love every single one of them!

Before I moved to Sydney, I spent some time in NZ and met the Stiles family who became my family in Sydney. It was the best thing and I am so grateful for all dinners, sailing trips, weekends in the Hunter valley, Christmas's, birthdays, etc we've had together. They're amazing and I wish I could fly over now and hang out with them.
It's been almost two years... definitely too long, that's for sure!!!

My crazy time in Tennessee was taken over by the adorable Porters who just welcomed me with open arms. Seriously everyone should have Porters in their world!!

So when I came to London, God hooked me up with the lovely Stewarts and I couldn't have found better friends than them! I am writing this, sitting on their sofa. It's been an incredible few days at their house. Should have gone home ages ago but feel so sick - food poisoning or something yuck - and apart from Jeremy taking the piss, they just fold out the sofa and never want me to leave haha.

When you hang out with God, life is pretty unpredictable and all of a sudden you find yourself surrounded by the craziest people. They make life richer and so much more fun. One day I hope that they all meet and I get to give back a portion of what every single one of them has given me!

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  1. das staircase photo ist genial - war das in paris?