Monday, April 12, 2010

picnic in the park

It finally feels like spring on the cold and grey island, so to celebrate we had the first picnic of the season!
My lovely friend Hannah
(who dressed so she would match the napkins -  true story!!)
and her boyfriend Todd
came and brought a whole basket full of goodies. After church we went to the park behind the British Museum and had our lunch. As I was looking after the Zekestar, he came along and was running around us in circles screaming "I'm a ladybug, I'm a ladybug". Funny and definitely not as strange as the guy in pink shorts trying to box with a tree making all the noises you hear in cartoons when people fight.
Sitting in the sun was gorgeous, the food delicious and in the company of old friends life always seems a little better!

On another note. A big cheer goes out to Nicole and Simi who got engaged last week. Congratulations to you both xx


  1. juhu! was ließ denn die hanna erblonden??? shocking ;-)

  2. How nice!! it finally feels like spring here too - actually it felt like summer for a few days in a row!! i miss you - been wondering how u've been!!! hannah looks gorgeous and her boyfriend is sooo handsome!! i'm happy for her!!! love you xoxoxo