Monday, April 19, 2010

weekends with the extended family

It was J & C 5th wedding anniversary last week and he full on surprised her with a night out and staying over in the city after. While they were off having fun I got to have a sleep over with Mr Zeke. He still is the craziest 2 year old you'll ever meet :)
Just look at the outfit he picked the next morning when we went to the park...
For some reason he needs to wear his wellie boots all the time now, he constantly rolls up his trousers and his sunnies are falling down all the time because the hat keeps pushing them forward.
Saturday was the day the weather turned beautiful, so we all went over to our friends house for the first barbecue of the year. The outside season has officially started! Can't wait for more bbqs, sitting in the garden until late at night, playing cards, talking until it get's dark at 11pm, etc. It will be great!

With Colour 11 days away, I'm getting excited to see all my college girls - almost all of them, the Europeans at least. It's team night tomorrow and I can't wait for it.
Evidence of what happened last year at team night to be found here. More madness will be reported later, until than have a lovely time everyone x

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