Sunday, April 25, 2010


Four years ago I shared a house with Miss England aka Hannah Tibble in Sydney. We've been friends ever since and for some reason our families became really good friends as well. I met half her family when they came to visit down under, my brother and her mum stayed with us at the same time and as we were off to college all day, they hung out :) Hannah and her parents took a trip to Austria and stayed with them in 2007 and her brother got back from a quick visit a couple weeks ago.

Got up here Friday night and went straight to the next village and celebrated spring with Lord Roger and Lady Grace. They live in the "castle" and host a couple of parties for their village every year. How funny is that!!! This blues band was playing and people were dancing, funny to end up their once again - went to their costume ball last year - Andy dressed up as a french man... unforgettable!!!
Yesterday turned out to be something like a summer day! Six of us went on a trip to Holkham beach in Norfolk. Sun, sea, sand, jumping off the dunes, cartwheels on the beach, getting burnt or tanned. To finish a glorious day we had a barbecue at Hannah's cottage.

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