Monday, November 1, 2010

adventures in fabric dye land

Finally I'm getting closer to sewing again :) This whole thing with not getting into the warehouse we wanted and still not having enough space has knocked us down a bit.
Slowly I'm getting pumped to create stuff in small spaces and I started with dying fabric.
I've never really worked with natural dye other than colouring Easter eggs, so had a quick look around the web and set out to master this.
Cannot believe it is that easy!!!! All you need is vegetables/plants/seeds - depending what colour you would like to achieve, water, salt or vinegar to fixate the whole thing and a pot!
I decided on using turmeric, onion skins
and beets.
Decided while the beets were bubbling away that I'd throw in a little bit of red cabbage.
They turned out gorgeous... now off to see what I can make with it!
Next try will be with these berries:

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  1. oh my how fun!!!! i didn't know it was that easy to dye fabrics either!!! =)