Monday, November 15, 2010

late nights and early mornings

The past week has been completely packed with work.
Driving cars around for four days, just to drive over to Vienna and work at a promotion party for Spar on Friday. Don't ask me how I end up at things like that, but if you're friends with an event planner you tend to get asked for random jobs.
The great thing was that I was working with the best people - have never met nicer security guys in my life! Lisl and I manned the ticket booth. Fun times haha Can you imagine that we got tipped!!! We used our tip to pay the taxi and tipped him with the extra money - generosity spirals and I love it! Best thing about this whole S-budget party taking place in Vienna: we got to stay with Ruth.
What better way to start your Saturday than breakfast with Ruth and Ian. Their wedding plans are in full swing it seems and by the time we left it was good to know that they will come to Salzburg this weekend! Yay!!
Life is good.
On our way back it was all chats till about half an hour from the city, I just couldn't keep my eyes open. Four hours of sleep, definitely not enough but so worth for a fun night of work at the Volksgarten.

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