Wednesday, November 3, 2010

at the moment...

...I'm feeling great.
Not a lie or a standard answer to get people off my back but simply the truth.
The last couple of years have been the funnest so far and I've lived and traveled around the world and had the chance to met heaps of great people. People I look up to and keep learning from. Although life was amazing, there was so much instability in it. If you would have asked me three years ago what my plan was, I would have answered "stay in Sydney and continue working for the best team in the world" :) I loved my job and the greater implications it was having. There's nothing better than to see God's kingdom come in such a tangible way that I experienced while working for United. To have been part of the whole I heart documentary and everything that went into that film, still makes me all teary and proud(in a good way haha).
A couple of years in London and a stint in Nashville later, I landed in Salzburg. It is this spot that I've known God has called me to for ages, but I never felt ready for it. (Why is that???!!! As if God wouldn't help me!!! What the heck was I thinking!)
I'm so grateful for those five years of learning and soaking up all the goodness I got to experience. (mind you although the best years, they have also been the hardest!!) It all boils down to getting equipped for the next season.
I don't think that we'll ever arrive until we meet Jesus and look into his face - be it here or in eternity. For now I'm in the wonderful city of Salzburg with some of the best friends one could have. Still using what's in my hand and being equipped for what's to come.
I'm believing for big things, that lives will be changed, doors open, that this city will experience hope and for church to blossom into the bride of Christ it is supposed to be. We can make the difference in this world. Yes, I do believe in miracles :)
There are a million things I haven't got figured out and who knows if I ever will, but the trick is to keep breathing and not give up on this adventure!

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