Tuesday, January 4, 2011

farewell 2010

Instead of getting everyone together and have a massive party, this year we decided to start off differently.
The inner circle (besties) gathered together, late in the afternoon, for some praise & worship.
It's been a tough couple of days beforehand and that was all I needed to finish off last year! Totally felt like nothing has been working out and all my hopes and dreams of moving back to Austria were so not accomplished. Too much expectation? Maybe but I rather dream big than think small!
That aside it was a great time to put this new year or rather the new decade!! into God's unfailing hands and have Him walk before us. There are no limits to His goodness and grace, despite how I feel.
After p&w we split into two groups and six of us had a lovely dinner. If you've never had "Raclette" before, you don't know what you're missing :)
Being completely stuffed we drove over to our friends house, for their house warming party and to meet up with the others again.
It's become a tradition to walk up a hill that overlooks Salzburg, thank God the temperatures weren't as low as last year! Fireworks and champagne is all I'm saying!
The night ended in the early hours. Thanks everyone for pulling it together, nothing better than starting into a new year with the people you love and do life with. So many possibilities and chances to be taken this year.
2011 is a blank canvas waiting to be painted people. Let's make this one a masterpiece!

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