Sunday, January 9, 2011


For the last couple years I've always written down things like
read more books (couldn't get enough of it),
write more,
be more creative,
start running (which is still unbelievable, but I did!!),
change the world,
get a proper job (haha as if that was ever gonna happen!),
take care of the environment (go green),
go after God like never before
as my new years resolutions.

2011 sees a new decade rolling in and I've been thinking about the things I want to look ahead to? What do I want to speak over the next couple years?
Some resolutions never change. I still want to read and write more, I'm still all out for God and his kingdom and making this world a better place. Those were good resolutions and I'm keeping them!
For this year there is only one big resolution - so please remind me if I stray haha:
Eat better - meat only once a week(just read up on the meat industry, I know Austria is really privileged but still yuck!) and stick it out living gluten and dairy free. It sucks so bad, but will help with my intolerances :)
Other than that I promised my friend to run a half marathon with him in May... What the hell was I thinking, tell you what though, it's easier to go running when you have a goal!

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