Monday, January 24, 2011

winter blues

For the last five years I haven't really had a proper winter. For the first three I lived in upside down world aka Southern hemisphere and had blissful sunshine and the ocean at this time of year.
The last two were split between mostly London, a couple weeks in Austria and a tiny bit of NYC & Connecticut glory.
Probably I changed over those years and now winter here is taken its toll on me (remember how excited I was about it back in November?!). Anyway if it was up to myself, spring could have started the first few days of January!!!! I'm so over it by now and am seriously considering relocating to another country - a much warmer one, mind you :)
Years ago when I spent a year in Scotland I truly got the whole concept of starting to drink when it's just dark for a couple months of the year... Never thought the sun was that vital in life! This is getting close and as pretty as the snow can be, I am ready to ditch those thick winter boots and can't wait to wear my flip flops again!
Bring on spring time!


  1. take heart, this too shall pass! xx

  2. I'm absolutely with you on that one! I need some sun shine! I mean proper sun shine, not the few minutes now and then we get. And I’m over all the flu viruses and cold bacteria’s my immune system isn’t used to anymore.
    So if the sun turns up whiles you‘re here in Switzerland we will conquer the next best mountain to catch the most of it. Can’t wait!