Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 review

What a year it's been. Lots of ups and downs and I have to say I'm glad it is coming to an end. Nothing better to turn over a new page, start fresh!
It all started off in Vienna
we started a band that only performs Alanis Morissette covers :)
 Linda Harrison came and played with My Glorious at their album release party!
 got to see my hard work(lots of coats that I made for Prophetik) on the runway
 hang outs with this cheeky monkey
 moved up to North London to live with the girls in Finchley
 planted stuff :)
visits up to my Northampton family - Luke looking especially thrilled to hang out with us haha
 went to the beach
 Colour Conference for the last time @ Royal Albert Hall
went to fun a comic book launch with gorgeous Zola aka the African princess
Kitchener Road flatmates <3 those girls!
 harvesting the goodies I planted - delicious!
 world cup... lots of pub time haha
 good times with the german girls in London
 Zoe Boomer storms SATC 2 premiere evidence here
Rob & Dee got married and their wedding doubled as a college reunion

 United came to town and I got to hang out with my old team
last day in London before moving to Salzburg
 2 hour trip to Paris :)
 farewelling Ines & Thorsten
finally met cute baby Liah
we went camping in Lechtal
spent a weekend in Vienna with the gang

explored the surroundings of Salzburg
 made fires when the weather started to get colder
 dyed some fabric
 Schniffi moved back to Salzburg yippie yeah!

celebrated Christmas with the family

Thankful for a year that has been shaped by change and most of all friends and family. It's all about God and people right :) But as we all know, the best is yet to come.
happy 2011 everyone!


  1. danke für den schönen jahresrückblick! love you xx

  2. Wow!!! what a great year in review!! loved this!!