Friday, March 11, 2011

the big 30s begin

From tomorrow on the tight knit circle that I call friends starts to turn 30! Isn't that insane???
Anyway off to Germany to celebrate Simon and his 30 years on this planet haha
Can't wait for:
a great road trip
laughing until you hurt
dancing the night away
sunshine (apparently the corner where Germany, France and Switzerland meet is the sunniest spot in Germany... we'll see!)
and the first of 5 weekends to sleep on make shift beds and more likely the floor :)

Lots of fun and photos when I return. In the meantime go and check out the new Lonny issue, for some rad interior eye candy! And if you're anywhere in Germany get your tickets for the Jupiter Jones tour which starts next weekend with My Glorious as support.
Have a fantastic weekend everyone x

1 comment:

  1. frau höger ... I miss you like crazy here@kitchnewr road. ahhh ... had a look in our back garden today, made me think of you !! enjoy your weekend. xx