Thursday, March 3, 2011

soup and other things

When I wanted to upload more pics from Switzerland this morning, I got told that I maxed out my storage... who know?! It's all sorted out now and I will upload more photos tomorrow :)
Just made a batch of soup. Someone once asked me what would be the two meals/food you would choose if everything else was gone. Still up for soup and salad. It was ice cream for the longest time, but since I'm lactose intolerant that one got kicked out. A sad moment but the other option, being soy ice cream, is just nasty most of the time.
Anyway I love my soup. Favourite one will most likely always be pumpkin soup. But I am really digging Ribollita these days. This one got discovered almost two years ago when we went to Tuscany and it is oh so delicious. When I made mine the other day, I didn't have any beans at home so I just made plain vegetable soup, but you throw bread into your bowl, sprinkle it with cheese and it's a bowl of winter veg goodness. Cabbage, silver beet, carrots, onions, etc and beans of course :)
Try it everyone, it is yummy.

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