Friday, March 25, 2011

life on tour - Osnabrueck

Yesterday we sat in a car for too many hours!! The streets of Czech Republic are horrible. I'll tell you one thing: just find some place to pee before you enter their motorway or you feel like people tap dancing on your bladder. A very bumpy road! Contrary to last weekends Daft Punk the song of the weekend so far is Sarah Connor's "From Sarah With Love" - someone kill me now!! Why is it always the really bad songs that get stuck in your head??
Feel like skipping in the morning sun though, it's been crazy and lots of fun.
Meeting really nice people everywhere who love the music and share their apartments with us, so we have a place to crash. Eva hosted us last night and it was a cosy night haha. 5 people crammed into a room and she made us coffee in the morning and peppermint tea for me. Thanks again new friend.

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