Thursday, March 3, 2011


Can't tell you how excited I was to go to Winterthur last weekend.
Daniel & Priska were my house mates in Sydney for about four months, as they moved closer to church/college their house was known as the Swiss chalet. It became our home away from home, where we could come and hang out, watch TV, get yummy food and just chat forever. Sarah and I used to be really cheeky and just turn up after church for lunch (so much easier when you bring salad and they just put some meat on the bbq - makes me miss Sydney just thinking about it).
The days were packed - surprise surprise - and we ventured out to the mountains(hello sunshine), Winterthur and Konstanz(Hillsong Germany!!!) as well as have late night chats, crafts projects, play time with Vivian. Meeting heaps of college people and Mirjam.
Special mention goes to Simon for driving all the way to W. in between services, you're the bomb!
Am grateful for amazing friends - I know I say that often, but does anyone ever have that feeling that there are friends and than there are God connections? This is a God connection!

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