Saturday, September 24, 2011

Schnorres weekend pt 1

Not entirely sure who came up with this idea, but it must have been on New Year's Eve when the boys decided to challenge 1. EC Schnorres(what the heck ist that? explanation here, we also donned their jerseys here) to a game of American football, since they've been bragging so much about their sports skills :)
The one game turned into a weekend of sports up in a cabin for the boys, while we decided to have a girly weekend!
Friday came and team "rest of the world" farewelled us to try their luck against the Schnorres youngsters.
since most Schnorres boys are sporting moustaches,  team"rest of the world" decided to go anti mo :) 
 a girl weekend starts with waffles
Saturday came, sun beating down on us and we decided to go and cheer the boys - well mostly lie out in the sun!
 penalty kicks
 rest of the world won!!!!
 team rest of the world(representing Austria, Germany, UK & USA)
lazy girls watching boys giving their all
next discipline: whizzy ( a Drew word for a frisbee/flying ring!!!) they had to land the ring in certain places on the field... too funny as both team were crap and the only one who managed to consistently throw well was Henning who manned the goal and threw it back to the teams hahahaha
Schnorres boys
look at those mos :)
More fun photos including American football and sideline antics and one of the funnest videos tomorrow!

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