Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grind Coffee Bar

Took a little trip to Heathrow yesterday - little Zeke was so excited to go on a "big fat aeroplane" - and on my way back I stopped at the new Grind Coffee Bar in Putney. 
When I first got to London I helped the team at church sort out their tour stuff, that's how I met Dicko. Besides being a great drummer, he makes awesome coffee and opened up his own coffee shop on Lower Richmond Road sometime last year. They moved across the road from their old spot this week - 2mins from the river, will be lovely in the summer!! - and before opening today!!! they needed a couple extra hands to get everything ready.
Spent hours scratching and peeling stickers off the windows and door. My fingers are so sore today but seeing the clean windows afterwards was instant gratification!  
Next time you're in Putney and want a nice cup of coffee or just a place to hang out or work(free WIFI) check out Grind.

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