Thursday, February 25, 2010

the olympics

Finally feeling great again, not quite ready to start running again but at least I went round the park again and again today. Looks like the daffodils are slowly making their way out, soon everything will be covered in yellow! It will be beautiful and spring will be here. If winter sucks in this country, spring always makes up for it.
Having all this time before I start my new job next week, I've been keeping up to date with everything olympic this week. Love it. Missed out on all the ski jumping - sad - but was super excited to watch skicross. It's insane - boardercross is bad enough but skis plus sticks are 4 things that can poke you!!! One other thing that still gets me is figure skating... how do you not throw up with all that twirling/spinning and in addition smile the entire time. Will file it under things I will never understand.

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