Friday, February 12, 2010

London skies

The other morning I looked out of the window...
a full on snow storm was happening right in front of my eyes. The 10 minutes it took us to get out of our pjs and out the door, were long enough to have a complete change of weather. 
In Austria this may happen in April, but even than it lasts a little longer!! Had a lovely walk though and enjoyed the sun on our faces!

By the way, got to be an extra in an independent movie this week. Seriously how hard is the decision if somebody asks you to hang out at a bar for a couple hours. Fun people, great bar. More information on that to come :)

1 comment:

  1. o dear, o dear - muss ich mir sorgen machen ? ;-) hihi.. danke fürs beten komm grad aus bratislava und bin müde und high gleichzeitig! mein erstes mal stiftshütte auf englisch - hättest oft gelacht. keep us up to date! war das common in southfield oder wo?