Wednesday, February 10, 2010

back in the city

Flying into Heathrow the other night, once we were past all the clouds, you could see the city twinkling like heaps of fairy lights being strung across the ground. It looked so pretty and sparkly.
This was maybe the best flight I've been on in the last couple months, super friendly stewards and we were early!!! on a flight to London!!! Don't think this has ever happened to me before... So I wrote them an email to say thank you :)
Anyway spent the entire flight reading Three Men In A Boat by Jerome K Jerome. Funniest book of 2010 so far. (by the way, my book count is up to five, I might even make the Fifty Two Fifty Two thing this year - would be crazy).
It's exciting to be back and, after being gone for almost 6 months, it feels like settling into a new city. Best thing was to start my time back here with a team vision night at church.
In Habakkuk 2 it says
Write the vision and make it plain
That's what our leaders did and it's a great place to start. Nothing major, just as simple as that. Watch the video here. I'm pumped for what's ahead of us this year. God is amazing and I'm humbled to be part of His plan.

On another note, read a killer review on Home Is Where The Heart Breaks here. Boys I'm proud of you!!

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