Friday, February 19, 2010

London Fashion Week

Prophetik, who I worked with in the States last year, are showcasing their new collection in London today. Always a bit of a rebel, Maria and I will go wearing Zoe Boomer and as Zoe can't make it we're representing the ZB brand. That girl is so talented and I'm waiting for the day she gets to present her new collection at fashion week. It will be phenomenal and I will be found somewhere at the front screaming and cheering her on!!
Went over to her studio last  night and got to pick out dresses and tops for us to wear. Being girls, Jade (who helped me pick out our outfits) and I tried on half the stuff that was on the racks. Ended up with us humming the wedding march - have a look at the white dress on her front page and you'll understand haha.

On the way back I took a few photos at Putney bridge.
The river may be the prettiest thing around there and at night time it's even more beautiful.

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  1. what did I tell you? hehe - you already inspected the first of the London Bridges :-)

    "Be carefree and optimistic,
    Like Old Father Thames.
    High in the hills, down in the dales,
    Happy and fancy-free,
    Old Father Thames keeps rolling along
    Down to the mighty sea..."