Tuesday, June 15, 2010

friends and familiar faces

Lately I have been going on about things to do before I leave this city. The cherry on top came in the form of a visit from my old Sydney team at church last Sunday.
Although a very busy day, it was lovely to hang out with them, catch up what's been happening, looking at pictures of their offspring, etc. Hayley should get an extra mention because she did an amazing job - not least for being on a bus with 15 boys for the last 3.5 weeks. I remember what that's like but at least there was three of us when I went along!!
They are an inspiration to me in every way - how they worship God, how they change the world by being faithful what's been placed in their hearts and hands, how they still keep energy levels up even though it's the last day of tour haha, how they give their all in building God's house... I could go on and on. My time working with them has changed me and I will be forever grateful for that!
Thanks guys, love you all and go team!

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