Monday, June 7, 2010

Germany and the wedding of Dee & Rob

Sometime last year I received an email that said "Come to my wedding in June next year!!!!". I, not even knowing that Damaris had gotten engaged, was like "WHAT!!!!!! of course I'll come!"
Could hardly take the excitement over the last couple weeks as this was no ordinary wedding but first of all Damaris used to live with me for a while and she is a dear friend and so much fun to be around! Second we went to college together in Australia. So this wasn't going to be a wedding but also a little get together for all our college friends.

Most people had already arrived or were dropping in on Thu/Fri. The two days were packed with catching up, meeting more and more people and walking around Heidelberg.
The wedding was amazing. The groom started crying before the ceremony even started and when she walked in he was a goner :) So moving. All you could think is how amazing is God that he takes two people from two different continents and brings them together!!
After lots of coffee and cake the bridal party took off to take pictures and we had three hours to kill on the terrace high above the city in the sunshine. It was perfect and what followed was delicious food, lots of fun and dancing. What a great day, I couldn't be happier for the two of them.
Before jumping on a plane late last night we sat in Dee's parents garden and ate left overs with everyone. Such a perfect and relaxed way to end a great weekend!


  1. wow... und weißt, du, was ihr ALLE versäumt habt?
    das da:
    quite acts-like, don't you think??? :-)

  2. Oh my, so many familiar faces!!! =)