Monday, June 21, 2010

things to do while still in London

There is a little list forming in my head right now. Things that I want to do before I leave this beautiful city.
Things like...
...watching the tennis in Wimbledon - to think that I used to live across the park from the stadium and still never managed to get in the queue to fill seats, is just silly! If I have a day off in the next couple days, you know where to find me :)
...watching Shakespeare at the Globe - this will be fulfilled tonight as I am about to head off and watch Henry VIII. Yay!
...visit the National Portrait Gallery and the V&A again.
...hang out with the recently engaged Hannah and the whole Thrapston gang!
...whipping up a feast for my flatmates, for being amazing and crazy and fun and letting me crash on their sofa for 4 months :)

Every time I think of something I should really write it down, I just keep forgetting. Thank God that I know that I'll be back again and that there will always be heaps to do and look at.

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