Friday, June 25, 2010

wolrd cup mania

Not sure what football means to you, but I really don't care about that game at all. A dislike that's got everything to do with my brothers watching every single game there ever was and me getting very bored with it all. If you are like me who wants everyone to be a winner and will side with the losers out of sympathy, there is no hope for you in sports!
All this changes when the world cup starts. You are transformed into this person getting really anxious for your team to win and all of a sudden you are yelling at the TV.
What the heck happened??
Maybe England is getting to me these days. The last game they played I was watching at the pub - but not just watching. As the pub was packed with people the only way to see the screen was if you stood on a chair. So for more than an hour I stood on a chair, surrounded by others on chairs, benches and even the table, clapping for no reason and cheering the team in the red jerseys.
It was the most fun I've ever had watching a game and I think everyone should have that experience. I have to admit, when the guy behind me yelled out "If they only knew how much people cared", I almost fell off my chair laughing. There is only that much you can take :)
that's the only picture I took and it came out all out of focus :)


  1. It's more fun to watch with the crowds!
    great for the pubs as well~

  2. aber meine astrid, es heißt woRRLLd (father ted accent) cup nicht wolrd cup... schön, dass england gets to you.... bin ich nicht mehr allein :-)