Friday, June 11, 2010

random bits and pieces

Had a day with the crazy Zeke Zeke today. Planting tomatoes in the garden, splashing around with water, talking in a secret language, watching the world cup. Bliss!
Recently I've gotten lots of emails with upcoming opportunities. I'm excited about all of it and feel that I made the right decision to go back to the motherland. God is a true provider and He knows our wildest dreams :) How boring would life be without Him!

On another note: If you're in Europe and you haven't booked your tickets for I heart next Thursday, get off your butt and make sure you don't miss this once in a lifetime experience. Check out what I wrote after watching it last November when it launched in the US. I can't recommend it highly enough!
Love that I'm still here for that! So proud of my friends who put it all together. Some will be here this weekend and others will be missed heaps!

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