Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the pigeon man

Yesterday while I was working in Clapham this old man walked into the little green area behind the tube stop. Nothing ordinary you might think, but as he walked, even across the street, a flock of pigeons followed him, as if he had trained them. He sat down underneath a tree and shared his lunch with the birds, even his beer :)
There is nothing I like about pigeons, but this was the sweetest thing I saw all day.


  1. Re: Oh, I'd better start trying a bit harder then! ;) We ARE up for a couple of gorgeous months! Too bad I have to work these two coming weeks - record upon record when it comes to summer temperatures... oh well! Hope you're doing good! Feel free to come over at any time! ;) xx

  2. feed the birds, tuppence a bag... ist das Zitat woraus, meine bibliophile astrid? ;-)