Saturday, July 23, 2011

bff's night with the girls

aka Ruth's hen night
The plan was to meet at a pop up fish & chip shop by the water and have a very relaxed evening with all the girls, but the weather had different plans and we moved to Charlie P's. A pub favourite :)
Traditionally hen nights in Austria are some of the most embarrassing things to go through. Others dress you up in ridiculous clothes, fill you up on alcohol and you have to go out in the streets and sell chocolates, kisses, a load of chunk, etc so you can go home and have some extra cash for the wedding. Such a stupid idea and I always feel more embarrassed for the poor bride than anyone else haha
Ruth had asked Lena, Kat and myself to organise a night out just for us, so people could get to know each other before the wedding, spend time with her and raise their glasses to the happy couple. That's what we did:
Lena made the cute flower pins we're all wearing
It was such a fun and relaxed night, good to see her mum, auntie and good friends from the "before us generation" come along as well. We've got lots to learn from them!
We made her a box of presents that she can take to Linz now that she's leaving Vienna and she can open presents when ever she misses the girlfriends in her life. Please check out the below photo... the box became a bit too small and the pile of presents might just be bigger than her haha
As I knew that she's not the princess type of girl but we wanted her to wear a crown, I decided to sew one. I think it turned out alright and she loved it. Hooray :)

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