Monday, July 11, 2011

road trip - Italy

As I spontaneously took two weeks off before the madness at Salzburg Festival starts, nobody had time on their hands to come on an adventure with me.
Leave it to my poor brother to come and save the day. Oh the perks of student life - infinite amounts of holidays!!
He came over to Salzburg and we started our road trip with a stop in Innsbruck as Ulrich had never been there. It's a pretty city with the river Inn running through it, right in the heart of the mountains.
Back in the car we drove over mountains and crazy bridges, along vineyards, through valleys and finally reached our first stop: Riva del Garda.
Next up was Bergamo - what a stunner!!!. You can actually see the city from far off as the old part is situated on a hill. Totally in love with their stone streets.
After trekking around Bergamo - steep hill!! - we drove to Milan.
There's just too much to see in Milan! We basically walked all over the city with the little time we had, watched a bit of the royal wedding in Monaco and I spent an entire morning in bed feeling under the weather while my brother shopped haha.
On the plus side, while in bed I watched hours of CNN's freedom project and educated myself on human trafficking. Demi Moore's documentary on Nepal's Stolen Children was heartbreaking and I highly recommend it. Love that the fight against modern day slavery gets so much attention at the moment! Please check out The Freedom Projeckt, they've had articles on the A21 campaign, talked to Zach Hunter/IJM, Emmanuel Jael and many more world changers.
There was no time wasted that morning :)

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