Monday, July 18, 2011

road trip - Switzerland/Germany

My friend Karin (flatmate from Vienna days) is in Geneva at the moment doing an internship for the UN. All very exciting and another reason for us to stop there.
Funniest thing: my friend rents a little flat which turned out to be assisted living facilities hahaha Even the elevator has a chair for people to sit down in as my brother is demonstrating in the photo below :)
Most phenomenal surprise: you can see Mt Blanc from that area!!! Looks really pretty, don't you think?!
From there we went to Basel but stopped first in Bern...
(they've got live bears in the middle of the city!!!)
... and Interlaken and Thun.
We finally arrived in Basel and hopped across the border to meet the one and only Simon. 
I think his go to place for food is 5 Schilling, a restaurant that has a little shop attached to it where they sell all their organic produce. We dined like royalty that afternoon :) The only thing they can't get right is their wine but maybe that's because we were brought up in a wine region and are therefore spoilt haha
we spent an evening next to the Rhine, drinking wine out of the bottle like punks haha that tiny ferry above took us across to check out the rest of the city
got caught out in the rain and waited it out in an underpass haha
There is never enough time when you're having fun, but come R&I's wedding we'll all be reunited. Hooray!!
On our way back we stopped in Winterthur for a spontaneous lunch session with Daniel & Priska. Best surprise ever and after great conversation and yummy Italian food we climbed back in the car and got to Salzburg just in time for dinner with the gang. 
Love my friends and holidays! Life is good people. Happy Monday everyone xx

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