Friday, July 15, 2011

coffee to help - a glorious evening

Earlier this week I mentioned how I love the coffee to help project and that I was going to host an evening at my mum and dad's place. And what a night it's been!
I must have spent the entire day in the kitchen baking 3 different cakes and later preparing 5 different salads haha Don't know why exactly I can't just make two or three?! Forgot to take pics of the food when it was all up on our grand piano, buffet style.
It was a fun night. After stuffing our faces we had a bit of a jam session with everyone participating as my parents have all kinds of instruments. Out came kazoo, triangle, recorder, guitars in all shapes and sizes, banjo, mandolins, shakers, tambourine. etc Weirdest of combinations but so much fun.
My Glorious treated us to an hour of music (old and new stuff) and funny stories. Sami broke his record of starting All I Ever Do about four times haha
Bottom line: a very relaxed night with great people and music and best thing about it we raised quite a bit of money that will go a long way! Easy as pie to make a difference. Horray
I'll leave you with one of their new songs for two reasons: number one woah oh oh oh ooooooh and number two best video ever :D

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