Thursday, July 14, 2011

road trip - France

From Milan we went to Nice via Monaco, but as the royal wedding was the day before, the city was packed and pretty much half the streets were closed so we didn't even stop.
The last time I had been to Nice was ten years ago on a school trip!!! Makes me feel old haha.
Nice and the coast is just as stunning as ever. I'm in love with their houses, just look how cute all the little balconies are.
We spent two nights on a camp site where my brother wasn't allowed in the pool as his swimming trunks were too long. Ahahahahaha French rules, honestly wtf... that had me laughing for hours!!
The next leg of our trip was the longest of the entire journey. If you want to go from Nice to Geneva you have two options: go back to Italy and go up there or drive to Marseille and go up the Rhone valley.
Both seemed a bit silly so we opted to go up the back roads. A bit of a climb at first  and it took us all day but you drive up through the alps and it was the most stunning scenery I've seen in a while.
Still amazes me, this planet is one beautiful spot in this vast universe :) What a Creator!!!

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