Thursday, December 29, 2011

birthday fun. part two aka Christmas Eve

After the second show on Christmas Eve was done, I jumped on the tube and headed to Paddington to catch my train. For the first time ever I was early, so I went to get some food just to hear the announcement that my train was cancelled :) It felt like being in a random Christmas movie where the main character's plane/train/rental car gets cancelled and is left stranded with a mass of others. Yup.
They were very nice about it and changed my ticket to catch the next train.
Off to Bath I went and spent the night having a curry with Jamie, Ali and her parents before heading out to the pub. Apparently everyone flocks home for the holidays and meets up at the pub on Christmas Eve. It's a constant bumping into old friends. Too much fun and for a people watcher like me, amazing haha.
To end the day we went to midnight mass at Bath Abbey. Honestly, there is nothing like being in the house of God, no matter what shape or form. It was sweet seeing one of the ushers so excited to have a full house. The abbey was packed, the choir was singing, the bishop brought a great message, we all took communion or got prayed for and Carla, Ali and I got the giggles trying to hit the right notes during carol singing. Classic and nothing quite like it haha
Loved every bit about that day. Thankful for friends and family in other countries x

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