Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Konvoi tour day 3

Haha we're not even a week in and I'm already behind. Oh well :)
Sitting on my hotel bed, the twins are still sleeping and I'm listening to a message by Bobbie Houston. Life is good everyone...
Let's go back to Bremen, the boys did a coffee to help for Daniela (great host and new friend) and her friends. We walked around the city for a bit before getting back in the van to once again head to Osnabrueck. This time to play in a little venue for two dozen people or so :) It felt like being in the States, including the chlorine smell in the bathrooms haha.
Best part about this evening... the band supporting the boys that night were great! They're called Still In Search and hail from Hamburg. One thing lead to another and we ended up staying at the Clara's family home. They kept lots of family heirlooms and it's like a vintage haven... the fireplace is about 300 years old!!!! All musicians stayed up into the wee hours talking music with them. Love it! Nothing beats meeting people when you're on tour.
 checking out the venue for the next gig in Bremen later this month
 Gregor goes punk in the morning
Thank you so much for having us!!!! More on Bielefeld later x

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