Thursday, May 5, 2011

the big run aka Irrseelauf

What the hell were we all thinking when we decided to do this? 14km isn't that short, we all have more or less normal jobs and therefore not enough time to prepare - so why do it? Because it's fun! It's a challenge and will take you further! If you always live the same way or do the same things and never stretch to accomplish something greater, don't ever complain how boring life is, right!
As I mentioned a couple of days ago there were 10 of us:
Tobi, Astrid, Jetty, Sophie, Ian
Andi, Drew, Henning, Timon and as he's MIA we'll call the lamp Herbert :)
After a week of sunshine it was the coldest morning ever. Great when you were running, horrible before so the pros that we're NOT tried to warm up...
 a fish grill basket helps in many ways... just ask Tobi if you ever meet him :)
poor Timon must have been freezing look at him haha
Group huddle... Schn Schn Schn Schnorres
and off we went.
While we were out running around beautiful Irrsee - Lisa, Ruth, Lisl, Daniel and Michi had fun hanging out, stuffing themselves with freshly baked Bauernkrapfen.
They were rock stars and came to km 9 to cheer us all on...
Timon (nr 2 in his age group!!!!)
 the UK/Germany connection
and Yaya
I'm so proud we all made it. Can only talk about my experience... my knee started hurting 2km into the run and until km 5 I seriously thought that I will hop in the ambulance when they drive past :) Weird how your mind goes to the darkest, most negative places you could think of! But just as in life, I wanted to finish. There is probably one even part of this whole round on one end of the lake, everything else is always up- or downhill. Running the last couple meters and having my friends there to cheer and more importantly handing me the fish grill basket thing, I finished strong and it was all worth it!
In the end we cut the cake Jetty & Tobi's grandma had sent us and spent the rest of the day together eating way too much Chinese take out. Kinda perfect!!

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  1. wow!!!! so proud of you!!! looks like you had a blast! xx