Saturday, May 7, 2011

happy mother's day

Let's talk a bit about mums for a second...
I'm not a mum - yet (had to put that in otherwise my poor brother would freak out haha) - but I have an amazing one. A bit  lot on the crazy side but I couldn't wish for a better one :)
Sadly the society we live in has decided to snub or rather look down on mothers and the job they're doing. I don't know why it is like that or when it changed?
In my eyes they do an incredible job and are the ones who actually shape more of our world than we could ever think. I am constantly learning from them and am grateful for all the ladies that have gone before me and impacted me. I wouldn't be the same without them and the wisdom they've passed on.
So here's to my mum and all you mums out there - old and new - I think you're wonderful and do an unbelievable job. This is to honour you for sticking it out with us.

I am beyond thankful! 
Love you xx

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