Tuesday, May 10, 2011

current sewing projects

I've been back to sewing lately. That is when time permits it.
As a lot of my friends just had babies in the last month or two, I decided to make a couple dresses for the girls :) Quite simple when they're that tiny!
Last week I decided, since it's getting quite warm right now, that I need to make a pair of shorts. I've been trying hard to find a pair that fits me, their always a weird length or too wide, etc. so why not come up with my own one.
There was some leftover fabric in my closet that I wanted to use up, but I had no idea if it would work, so I made a sample pair out of basic cotton.
I just rolled up the hem and I'll tweak the waistband - probably lengthen it a bit and take away from the shorts part... pockets could change... who knows. It's a start and I've got until July haha
Yup you can see my undies - no need to tell me :) Don't forget it's a sample!!

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  1. Wow.. woman of many talents.. I never knew..
    Nice blog chicky.. xo
    B from Hillsong