Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vienna weekend roundup

Going home is always filled with squeezing as much as possible in and than only doing half of it because the weather wont permit anything else.
My lovely friend Margit is getting married in a month, so all the girls got together for her hen night. The original plan of hiking up to a hut and staying here for a night, fell through so we went up to Moedling and had a night of catching up, celebrating the bride and lots of fun things!
 you can look over the entire city - Vienna that is
 It felt a lot like a high school reunion, strange to think I've known most of them for up to 15 years and missed the last six of those :) Good thing that we will have the wedding in four weeks time and it will be fantastic.

We had a fun skype date with my favourite Zekester and his parents :)
Sadly the young designer's market wasn't happening as it was rained out :( but Judith and I braved the rain to watch my brother play football in the afternoon. Very thankful for wellies and umbrellas!!
My brother's friend Flo brought his three little boys along - it was their first time at a game and as it turned out the next day young boys are really impressed by how my brother runs sideways and backwards ahahahaha
I lasted until half time and went over to the lovely Fischers to finally meet Miss Evie:
Isn't she beautiful!!! Got lots of baby cuddles and a delicious meal... So good to see them.
Time is always on the tight side but thankfully they're all not too far off.

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