Wednesday, May 25, 2011

birthday celebrations

Even though it wasn't her birthday yet, we all got together to celebrate Gerlinde's birthday Sunday night.
She is Lisl's mum and my Salzburg mama :) One incredible lady.
Over the years wherever I've lived she's always sent me cards and little pieces of Austria(the world's tiniest advent wrench, Mannerschnitten, christmas cookie recipes etc.) so I wouldn't forget Salzburg and them! Basically everything you need when you're on the other side of the planet.
It was good to go out for dinner with the family, just relax and have fun.
flower microphone
Happy happy birthday Gerlinde, love you lots x

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  1. Thank you hon! :) I AM excited :) And having felt great from week 10, I have had the time to enjoy being pregnant properly :) Now I just want it to be over with kind of. Hope you're doing great!! xx