Monday, May 2, 2011

the night before the big run

Right. Before we head into the whole saga of the big run (well, it was quite major for all of us non-athletes haha) some photos from Saturday night.
The whole gang gathered at Schmuggler for the 400th time! It's our go-to place when nothing else works especially when there are more than 10+ people involved. The beer is great and the food is yum and you can sit outside in a nice garden surrounded by tall chestnut trees (although there is a strict swing ban after 8pm - whatever that means?!).
It was so good to get together, hasn't happened in a while, too many things happening all around. It was good to see Tobi and Henning again. They went camping with us last August and life is always more fun when they're around! Now to explain a little bit about those two crazies: they play football/soccer in a club called 1. EC Schnorres. Schnorres meaning moustache/mo/tache whatever you want to call it.
For reasons that are unbeknownst to us all they came not only sporting full on mos(which was a must for all the boys on our team since we were gonna run in Schnorres jerseys) but also mullets!!!!! Oh yeah, maybe the most horrible hair style ever, but so much fun. Every time I looked at either of them I just had to laugh :)
there you have it... the mullet is back people haha
Love them more than a million ice lollies, life would be a lot more grey without them xx

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  1. love our girlie picture!!! it was about time to update the one from bolton in the car :)