Friday, August 12, 2011

balcony gardening - fail

Remember when I planted all these tomatoes and salads. Bah!!! I've been neglecting them for weeks every time I left to go on tour and trips to random places. There were consequences haha
 I harvested one serving of salad, which was delicious but everything else in the salad department was eaten by birds. Thanks a lot winged creatures!! Particularly mourning the rocket boohoo
Now the tomatoes that are usually hard to kill have grown quite tall and not even blossoms appeared and the two tiny plants I got given and told they were little cherry tomatoes have grown into tree like plants... There is one tomato growing and it looks nothing like a tiny cherry :)
The other three little flowers never yielded anything and by now I had to strap the plant to the banister as this freak of a tomato is getting too heavy!
Lessons learned: number one, I'm so not a garden goddess and number two, my life might just be to unstable and all over the place to grow vegetables for now!
Wish it was different but I guess I can live with that and as long as there's a farmer's market I'll survive :)

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