Saturday, August 13, 2011

happy weekend - the Kubb edition

It's raining again here in the Alps and I'm left wondering if summer will at all turn up or if that's been it?!
This weekend consists of work, work and more work. With a good measure of packing up my belongings thrown into the mix. Yes I'm moving once again, but more on that later!

Anyway, I wanted to show you something..
Design Sponge had a DIY this week of how to make your own set of Kubb.
Kubb is a scandinavian lawn game that the gang over here loves to play on all occasions and what made me laugh was that we diyed it three years ago when Lisl, Jetty and I went up to Manchester to visit Ruth and Ian. We were well ahead of our time haha
While us girls were having breakfast one morning, the boys snuck out, went to a hardware store and came back with two broom sticks and lots of blocks of wood and a brush.
 our king piece was by far not that pretty but we gave him a red head/crown!!
Ian and Jetty cutting up broomsticks into batons
sanding it down to finish it off
It wasn't the prettiest game but we played for hours in front of the house while drinking wine and enjoying the sun!
The next day we even took it to the beach.
If I remember right, this set lives with Ian's sister and her family now. Other non-diy sets have travelled camping, to the lake, to the snow and everywhere in between with us. It's such a fun game and one of the most legendary games must have been the 3am re-match at Lisa's 30th :)
Have a wonderful weekend everyone, go outside and play some Kubb if you can xx

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