Wednesday, August 24, 2011

heat wave

Did I ever complain about having wintery temperatures during summer in this lovely city of Salzburg? I'll take it all back.
For the last 4 days it's been above 30 degrees and we're all melting away (seriously why put on make up when it runs down your face an hour later?) Wish it would stay more constant so we could get used to hot or cold. Either way haha
It gets funnier... our dressing room is on the 4th floor up, windows go into the court yard where warm air accumulates, there is no draft or anything wind related happening to cool us down. Pack in another 30 men and 4 to 5 dressers and you have a perfect sauna! Unfortunately for all actors/singers pretty much every opera playing this year has wintery costumes. A bit surprised that no-one's fainted yet.
On the plus side, Lisl & Jetty have returned from Greece and we had an impromptu dinner in front of their house in the dark. Very much like camping - chairs, candle light, etc! They brought back nice wine and olive oil oh so yummy. It was still so hot at 11pm, no jackets/cardigans required :)
Here's to staying cool! Enjoy your day x

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