Thursday, August 11, 2011

R&I - the wedding

While the girls had a girly morning, the boys went to a pub for breakfast haha. In Bavaria it is tradition to get the boys together and eat Weisswuerste and have Weissbier. Although no-one hails from that part of the country, Jetty brought this up and Ian's been keen to get all his friends together to start the day with him.
When we got to the church, I had to fight my way through all these boys getting changed into suits and formal wear as all the Salzburg guys turned up in Lederhosen for the breakfast heehee
An overload of pics to follow...
the church
 Jetty preached with trusty sidekick Drew translating  - best moment: when Jetty took off his glasses to wipe his face and Drew said "sweat break" hahaha it was seriously hot in there!! 
 how beautiful do those two look, they were beaming the entire day.
yep beaming
 B. family, loved having them there 
 not sure what Helen told us that we're all looking like that, probably that she cried when Ruth walked in
 Henning, of mustache fame, and Andi
Lisa & Drew - two of the best
 Salzburg boys
the lovely bouquet - it had everything from roses to herbs to brambles
 Schniffi our old school hollywood queen - check out the lace gloves :)
 Lisl set up a games corner for kids, but everyone took turns in throwing hoops while the happy couple was off getting their photos taken
 Kat & Steff - really glad to have seen them so much over the last couple weeks!
 best men, Alex & Leigh
 Salzburg gang bringing a bit of traditional Austrian dancing in their Lederhosen and Dirndl :)
Ian's family during a game of family fortunes
flat 1 guys & Alex (after giving the most hilarious best man speech, favourite part was when he told all the English to ponder what's really going on in the restaurants cellar before he read out a part in German ahahahaha)
 and than we danced the night away till the sun came up again

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