Monday, August 15, 2011

little details

A couple more photos from Ruth & Ian's wedding, just because I loved it so much :)
After scouring wedding blogs, there was heaps of inspiration to choose from
groom and boys in the wedding party had these little pins 
rosemary, lavender and something resembling broccoli haha so common yet so lovely
 wild flowers, just the fact that she added daisies - swoon
table. fresh herbs in pots and lots of glasses with flowers
napkin rings are two different fabrics tied with a string. again so simple but cute :)
favours included little lip balm tubs that they made themselves and heart shaped cookies with their initials baked by her parent's neighbour. very sweet!


  1. oooh, those are beautiful photos! thanks for sharing!

  2. love wildflowers at weddings!:)