Wednesday, August 10, 2011

R&I - pre wedding

There are not many girls who would turn down the offer of getting all dolled up :)
Saturday morning I went to the florist to pick up the bridal bouquet, decorations and accessorise. (Got yelled at by an old lady accusing me of being completely inconsiderate??!! speak for yourself lady for yelling through empty streets before 8am on a Saturday haha)
Made my way to Ruth's flat to drop of all the flowers and get her and Kat in the car to go and get our hair done. Next stop was MAC store. Don't know how we did it but after make up fun we had lunch at the apartment ... didn't really think that one through. There went our lipstick haha
 so in love with this bouquet...
 hair stylist doing a fantastic job!!
 mini beehive - loved it, took me 2 days to get it all out haha
 love how Kat is clutching her bump, so sweet :)
 make up guy working his magic, really nice guy as well!
girl heaven @ MAC
FYI the wedding dress is an original 50s dress, Ruth and Nicola found while shopping for dresses in London, so we decided that we wanted to do a bit of a 50s dress up. (think Stepford Wives or Mad Men - click here for a beautiful summary by Elsie). Yup that was our inspiration and I think the lovely bride looked stunning beyond words!
So good to have a girly morning before a day of celebrations. I'll forever treasure this!

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