Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Apart from having two friends fight over who gets me, as if I was some child in a weird custody battle, my three days in Graz were fun :)
Birgit and I once painted my friends place in London when they redid their Victorian terrace, we're pros, NOT! But we had so much fun doing it that she'd asked me to come visit and help her paint her room.
She might kill me for showing our painting adventures to the world but it is way too funny not to haha
 we ran out of white which should have turned this yellow into a paler shade, but as you can see it's quite sunny... some go on holiday she just needs to go to her room - I'm jealous!
 so we mixed the blue that was left over from another project...
 and tried to preserve as much of the yellow as we could... totally loving the result!!! pictures have gone up on those little steps
 all said and done (might have to add that I broke her shower after painting - have you ever seen those TV ads where people crack the fire hydrant and water splashes everywhere? it was kinda like that and I'm still feeling bad about it) we went and had dinner and a lot of wine,
 chatted for hours and annoyed Chris who was trying to get school stuff done
multi tasking, busy bee :)
Also did my very own tour prep for the upcoming Konvoin tour - while the boys rehearse, I bought some boots. It's a girl thing haha
Love you Graz people, life is never boring with you around x

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