Thursday, September 15, 2011

natural fabric dyes

I've been experimenting with natural fabric dyes for about a year now. You can see the beginnings here :)
Last week I did a new batch of fabric
onion skin on Walk(woollen fabric similar to felt) and cotton, 
turmeric on cotton and Walk and black tea on cotton
When Lisa came over last week she came bearing gifts :) First of all she gave me a copy of CUT which is an awesome sewing magazine and than she passed on a present from Ruth and Ian. When they handed out gifts at the wedding to their bridal party, it hadn't arrived yet haha
But here it is... ta daaaa
Eco Colour by India Flint who blogs here, please check it out!
So in love with it already, I just grabbed the next best things I had on hand and got started.
I started with Spanish onion skins... such a potent colour as soon as you get them wet it stains your hands, as you can see those two lines in the first photo two of my fingers were coloured and before I knew it I had made marks on the fabric :)
The onion batch is still going as you wrap it up and let it sit for at least a week!
For the second cotton strip I ripped off a few strawberry leaves:
All washed and rinsed after sitting in the sun soaking for a couple days while I was gone.
I'm so excited and immediately started with a new one. Combinations are endless, nature holds all the resources!

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