Sunday, September 25, 2011

Schnorres weekend pt 2

 Drew explaining football rules
 scary Ulrich
Jetty getting stuck haha
 and the sideline antics start...
can anyone detect Lisl's earring heehee
 Schniffi tackled Lisl
 defeat haha 
please notice the Schnorres team suitcase bahahaha
 my turn, compared to Lisl I'm freakishly tall so she had to stand on the bench to help me
looks like my head fell off haha
 game on
 talking strategy - must have worked, they won that game :)
Turned out that it was the last hot day of summer... the next day temperatures dropped and the day after there was snow on these mountains!!!!!
A glimpse of the girl weekend tomorrow :) find part 1 here

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  1. Hahah!!! these pictures are hilarious!!! what was Lisl's earring stuck to Ulrich's shirt?? hahhaa!!!